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August 11, 2012
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RC: Kono by Tsukiyoumi RC: Kono by Tsukiyoumi

Old Apps:

Book 3 Edit: ((I actually revamped her to that in May already but i somehow never updated it and shortly as the new Apps were out, my photoshop decided to die....Luckily CSP is a great ps alternative =u=v))
There didn't happen too much to Kono till now, despite the fact that her and her brother moved into Mokis & co.'s flat since her own apartment got destroyed thanks to the spirit vines. And she's constantly annoyed and terrorised by Kadda and Shun....


Name: Kona "Kono"
Age: 20
Birthday: 6. December
Nationality: Nothern Watertribe
Affinity: Water - calm and kind
Occupation: Waitress (see additonal infos)

-Traditional Waterbending - Kono learned tradtitional waterbending from her mother and is able to change the state of water into ice or snow.
(Traditional waterbending: , healing: still training, plantbending: )
Her most effectiv bending skill is probably punching/freezing things (or people) with her ice-fist.

-playing flute – her father taught her how to play a traditional wooden flute. Yet that’s the only thing she knows shes good at.
-sign language - due to the fact that one of her siblings is deaf-mute, she can use and understand sign language.


+ Calm / Jolly / Optimistic/ Sacrificing /
- unconfident when it comes to her bending skills / childish / clumsy, clumsy and clumsy

Likes: Cool places, family, playing games, spicy food, nikuman, nice people and playmates
Dislikes: Warm places, fire, being clumsy, rude people, liars, being dressed too girly, being out of money, spoilsports

RP sample :

The red-brownhaired girl, Kono, just left the ship and shielded herself from the sunlight with her hand. Her eyes widened when she saw the amazing and big buildings of the city.
"So this is Republic City...", she mumbled to herself and started walking along the streets.
Finally she had arrived. Now she just needed to get a job and earn money so she could support her family who still lived at the northern water tribe.
The young woman stepped on a small bridge and stopped as she saw a girl on the other side who blocked her way. Kono now stood in front of the brown haired girl which glared at her. She wasn’t sure if the girl was going to attack her least it seemed like she didn’t like Kono very much.
“I’m Kono from the northern water tribe...who are you?”
There was no reply from the girl. Now the situation got a bit awkward and Kono twitched as the girl suddenly stepped forward. The redhaired didn’t like fighting but she had come this far...she wouldn’t turn around now and run away like a coward. No, if it was necessary she would fight even if her bending skills weren’t perfect yet and she needed a lot of training. Kono shove this though aside and shook her head, strike a pose to get ready for the upcoming fight.
The girl on the opposite now introduced herself. Kono blinked confused.
“What do you want?”, she asked.

Additional Info

-Kono is a very calm and light-hearted person who loves to retain the Northern Watertribe traditions.
-little tomboy
-She found out she was able to bend at the age of 13
-Kono is often very unconfident about her water-bending skills
Since she hasn't been able to train her bending for long, she especially loses self-assurance in a fight.
-Is sure she has more bad luck then other people (aka unluckiest person in Republic City together with Moki OTL)
-Kono lived at the northern watertribe with her parents and her 4 younger siblings (5th will follow OTL)
-Never ever mentioned to someone she has a halfbrother (for a good reason)
-She acts pretty childish often due to the fact that she always played with her siblings
-In order to support her family, she went to Republic City to get a job (and send the money to her home)
-She works part-time as a waitress at a tea-house and a two restaurant (includes Shuns Restaurant)
-Kono gets ill very fast. It just needs a sudden change of weather for her to catch a cold. Also using her bending skills too often can make her pretty exhausted right up to making her collapse.
-Fighting isn’t her best skill. Although she got trained by her father how to defend herself and others, she will refuse to fight and won’t do it when it isn’t really necessary
-constantly carrying the lucky charms around Moki and her brother Nanuk made for her
-Easily getting bruises and scratches and wears bandages to cover them
-sharing a flat with her brother, Moki, Kota and Aida.
-no one ever called her by her real name (she is thankful for that lol)
-her hair smells like cherryblossoms because she is using a special shampoo (very important information pff)</s>
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